John Muir (reincarnated), welcomes and launches an exciting new book about America’s National Parks. Come and mingle with fellow book lovers and wilderness enthusiasts, as Muir extols the virtues of the national park idea.

The book, Wild America, is reviewed by Lee Stetson below:

“This is a distinguished work – the writing crisp, and the photos captivating: you will yearn to visit every wild place that it covers. Roly Smith’s lively text makes damn good reading – sprinkled with just the right of amount of history, geology and personal anecdote. The dazzling images, so dramatically captured by the brilliant David Muench, seem to suspend time as you ponder them, lingering long after you’ve turned the page. This remarkable book artfully nourishes our instinctive love for wild and lovely places; it inspires us to protect them; and, best of all, it encourages us to get on our boots and engage them.”

Lee Stetson, Yosemite Centennial Ambassador 2016