Every Thursday – 7 pm 🐕 April 6th — Oct 26th, 2017

Stickeen and Other Fellow Mortals

Muir’s deep understanding and love for the animal kingdom was never made more evident – or more educational – than in his telling of his frightening adventure with a dog named Stickeen. This quaint little adventuresome animal, with whom Muir gets lost in a storm on an Alaskan glacier, provides us with one of the greatest dog stories of all time. Other stories included in this winsome production are Muir’s nearly disastrous “interview” with a Yosemite bear, his face-to-fang encounter with a rattlesnake, and his boyhood remembrance of the passenger pigeons, which dazzled him with their flocks of many millions filling the sky for days at a time are among the stories presented here. The basic themes here revolve around animal rights and the problem of extinction, but are largely served up with Muir’s irrepressible humor.