Yosemite Valley 2018 Season

April 18, 2018 - October 25, 2018

Wed and Thurs evenings 7- 8 pm

Sponsor: Yosemite Conservancy

Venue: Yosemite Theater

Show: Two Shows a Week

Type: Theatrical - Public

yosemite-theaterThe 35th Season of Lee Stetson’s Presentations!

Every¬†Wednesday –¬†7¬†pm
Conversation with a Tramp; An Evening with John Muir

Every¬†Thursday –¬†7 pm

It’s Lee’s 35th Season in Yosemite Valley!¬†Join him as he performs¬†his original production, ‘Conversation with a Tramp’¬†and his NEW production¬†‘JOHN MUIR¬†IS BACK!¬†For more information see Yosemite Shows