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Down the Great Unknown

Here is one of America’s most compelling stories of exploration and bravery. In 1869, Major John Wesley Powell, despite having lost his right arm in the Civil War, outfitted a small party of men in wooden boats in Wyoming, and descended down into the then unknown Colorado River. Daring that mighty river for a thousand miles of huge, horrifying rapids, unsuspected dangers, and endless hardship, he and his men were the first to challenge Read more

Pickaxes and Petticoats

“As soon as we got to our first gold field, Gump, my second husband, began to show his true colors. He put up a dirty canvas tent for me and my babies, then spent maybe two whole days in the creek bed, after which the only gold that crossed his palms was at the card table. He was low-grade oar, make no mistake – I couldn’t have jumped a worse claim. And me the only woman in that camp with about 3,000 ugly men!” Read more

Sarah Hawkins Contemplates a Fourth Husband

“My first husband, the only one of the three I ever learn to love, died of snakebite after four years of marriage. My second, may be roast in Hell, drowned, dead drunk in the mud of a Nevada City street two years after. My third, after a year or so, was blown to bits, when a boiler exploded while traveling by steamboat. So if I do marry Apple Abbot, I calculate he wouldn’t last more than six months.” So says Sarah, pioneer woman. Striding across frontier America, she has known starvation, Read more

Performing Arts and Environment Lectures

As Actor, Director, Writer, Historian and Environmentalist; Lee Stetson brings an extensive background of experience to any Performing Arts Venue or Environment Lecture.

Refer to Lee Stetson – A Biographical Sketch, for a detailed information on his education in the Performing Arts and Environmental background.

Customized Shows and Story-telling

Mr. Stetson adapts material from the various productions to present “Muir’s” views on current issues or to emphasize a particular theme. Parks, Churches, Non-Profits and Corporations have all benefited from the words and actions of Muir, as performed by Mr. Stetson.

Book a Customized Show and inspire your community to act upon, Muir’s words and our responsibility to the Earth and fellow mortals.

A Stroll with John Muir

In nearly any outdoor environment, your group can take a stroll with “Muir”, as he interacts with those participating, telling stories and answering questions in character.

John Muir Is Back, and Boy! Is He Ticked Off!

John Muir is Back – once again roaming his beloved planet – but now as a deeply troubled and bitterly disappointed spirit. Despite a lifetime devoted to preserving wild lands and wild life, his success as Father of the National Park system, and his vision in founding the Sierra Club, he finds before him today’s unimaginable environmental evils. Read more

The Tramp and the Roughrider

The newest of our productions!
In May of 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt, planning a tour of the western forests, invited the naturalist John Muir to a four-day camping trip in the Yosemite wilderness. The Tramp and the Roughrider illuminates this extraordinary encounter, with the action unfolding at sunset on Glacier Point, overlooking the magnificent Yosemite Valley. Read more

The Spirit of John Muir

This show is a fun romp through some of the very best of Muir’s grand, thrilling adventures in his beloved western wilderness. “The Perilous Night on Mount Shasta”, – with Muir freezing in the midst of a howling blizzard while simultaneously being boiled and blistered in hot springs -his astonishing ride down a Yosemite Valley canyon wall on a snow avalanche, Read more

John Muir Among the Animals

John Muir Among the Animals

Muir’s nearly disastrous “interview” with a Yosemite bear, his face-to-fang encounter with a rattlesnake, and hilarious stories of tending sheep – those “hoofed locusts” destroying the lovely meadows of the Yosemite High Country – are among the many stories in this very popular show. Read more

Stickeen and Other Fellow Mortals

Muir’s deep understanding and love for the animal kingdom was never made more evident – or more educational – than in his telling of his frightening adventure with a dog named Stickeen. This quaint little adventuresome animal, with whom Muir gets lost in a storm on an Alaskan glacier, provides us with one of the greatest dog stories of all time. Read more

Conversation with a Tramp; An Evening with John Muir

This stirring production has been presented every summer in Yosemite National Park – and throughout the country and around the world as well – since 1983. It depicts Muir’s last dramatic battle to preserve the beautiful Hetch Hetchy Valley, part of our National Park. Read more