“As soon as we got to our first gold field, Gump, my second husband, began to show his true colors. He put up a dirty canvas tent for me and my babies, then spent maybe two whole days in the creek bed, after which the only gold that crossed his palms was at the card table. He was low-grade oar, make no mistake – I couldn’t have jumped a worse claim. And me the only woman in that camp with about 3,000 ugly men!”

This is life and strife in the gold mines of the California 49ers – from a decidedly female perspective! Often hilarious, sometimes tragic, but always dynamic, you’ll relish the highly opinionated storytelling of these true stories, gathered from the journals and diaries written by the astonishing women who came to tame wild California. Told by Connie Stetson, as the feisty Sarah Hawkins, the ultimate survivor, who finally decides whether or not to marry Apple Abbot.