“My first husband, the only one of the three I ever learn to love, died of snakebite after four years of marriage. My second, may be roast in Hell, drowned, dead drunk in the mud of a Nevada City street two years after. My third, after a year or so, was blown to bits, when a boiler exploded while traveling by steamboat. So if I do marry Apple Abbot, I calculate he wouldn’t last more than six months.” So says Sarah, pioneer woman. Striding across frontier America, she has known starvation,

loneliness, backbreaking work, bleak deserts, violent storms, stampeding buffalo, temperamental 49ers, the death of most of her family, and three successive husbands! But this feisty, funny woman is still sharp of eye and tongue, with an earthy humor and a hard fought -for independence. Sarah Hawkins is a fictional character. But her story is true; a crazy-quilt of real-life adventures, stitched together from the journals, diaries and other accounts of pioneer women who struggled to cross the hazardous 2400 miles of the Overland Trail. Connie Stetson stars in this hugely enjoyable show.